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The Niagara Leadership Summit for Women presents an inclusive environment to encourage and celebrate women leaders in our community and opens the conversation surrounding women’s issues in Niagara. The event is hosted by the YWCA Niagara Region.

Everyone, regardless of gender, should have the courage and confidence to be the leader they are and want to be. Leadership is not about being ‘at the top’—there are leaders all around us who make a difference every day.

This event offers many valuable opportunities for women leaders and allies to connect, share common goals and evaluate common challenges, and network with like-minded community leaders.

Living through history also means living in uncertainty, but we know that together we can get through tough times and make meaningful change through our leadership.

That’s why our #NLSW2020 theme is RISE TOGETHER and we are hoping you can join us in doing so. We will explore and discuss ways in which we can together,  lift up the women in our lives through our different and meaningful leadership roles.

What's New?

It looks a little different than last year but the mission to empower women and our commitment to community will remain the same!

Not only will you be able to connect with over 200 other amazing women like yourself within the Niagara community, but our virtual platform makes it possible to do all the things you could normally do at the in-person event such as learn and become inspired by our speakers, gain new perspectives, listen to empowering stories, engage in discussion and chat one-on-one with our speakers, other attendees and NLSW committee members.

Plus, we’re excited to bring you more speakers, sessions and content than we have ever offered before! You can access every session live or watch the recordings after the event. The choice is yours!

Our three-day event gives you more time than ever to make new connections and gain a new perspective from all the inspiring individuals in our community. We are so excited to give you the opportunity to network with our speakers, attendees, and organizations on your own schedule! You may even find your lifelong mentor.

Community Guidelines

Our virtual event is designed to be a safe and open space for all participants. Please review and follow the guidelines below if you will be participating in our virtual event this year.



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