We are so excited to offer the tenth annual Niagara Leadership Summit for Women next year!

Last year, the summit allowed for empowering women leaders in the Niagara community to come together in person with like-minded individuals to learn, grow, and empower one another for months to come.
We look forward to creating an empowered space for our community to meet again!


The Niagara Leadership Summit for Women presents an inclusive environment to encourage and celebrate women leaders in our community and opens the conversation surrounding women’s issues in Niagara. The event is hosted by the YWCA Niagara Region.

Everyone, regardless of gender, should have the courage and confidence to be the leader they are and want to be. Leadership is not about being ‘at the top’—there are leaders all around us who make a difference every day.

This event offers many valuable opportunities for women leaders and allies to connect, share common goals and evaluate common challenges, and network with like-minded community leaders.

What's Happening this Year?

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We have an amazing audience of 250+ delegates at the event every single year. Would you like them to learn more about your business? Consider joining these fantastic sponsors!