We are putting together an amazing program for you for the Niagara Leadership Summit for Women 2020! Stay tuned for details!

We will be offering workshops and seminars at the Niagara Leadership Summit for Women 2020.

Workshops are designed with the objective for participants to leave with tangible knowledge, tools or information that they can begin to immediately apply in their lives.

Seminars are more focused on facilitators sharing stories and knowledge with attendees leaving them inspired.


Thank you for your patience as your NLSW 2020 Planning Committee organizes this year’s presenters!

In the meantime, check out some of the amazing seminars and workshops hosted in 2019 below!

Peaceful Yoga Flow

Join us at 8am to start off the day with a peaceful yoga flow with Diana from Breathe Bliss. We will begin the practice with a guided meditation to help calm the breath, still the mind, release stress and find a deeper sense of relaxation. Guided meditations allow time for introspection and time for practicing mindfulness to achieve a greater sense of awareness and wisdom. Then we will will move through a variety of postures to help open the body and sync our movements with our breath to help clear the mind and release any tension being held.

Bring your journal or a notebook, as we will go through some questions to start the summit, to help reflect on goals and our intentions for the day. It will be a great way to slow it down, making time for ourselves to find quiet, to connect with our inner wisdom and other amazing supportive women.

At the end of the summit, we will revisit our intentions and reflect on the day, leaving us feeling refreshed and ready to put our intentions into action, becoming more of who we truly represent.

This session is optional – if you would like to start and finish your day with this beautiful opportunity to reflect, please indicate your interest upon registering. Thank you!


I use the concept of “Experience Points” (from video games) to illustrate that we can make good use of every single thing that happens to us. Our life experiences help our ‘character’ evolve and progress through the ‘game’, fighting ‘boss battles’ (life resistance) along the way. The anchor quote is that: “Every single thing that has ever happened to you, is preparing you for a moment that is yet to come.” 

Anyone who is currently in the ‘game of life’ and wants an inspiring perspective on how we can look at various events in our lives as preparation for new challenges and opportunities. Attendees will be guided through a reflection of events in their own lives that will demonstrate how their ‘character’ evolved and learned from it. By realizing how their experiences stack up to bring them to exactly where they need to be, attendees will feel assured in their progress excited for their futures, and calm and in-control of their current positions.

Presenter: Olivia Poulin

Men have traditionally been the leaders – whether it’s at home or at work. With women becoming more powerful in their careers, it is my experience in my industry / field that men often still “lead” the household finances.

Additionally, the majority of financial advisors are men. There are very few women running financial practices. Therefore, the workshop is designed by a woman, for women. Financial literacy can be generic, however there are some differences in men and women’s expenses as well as things like maternity leave etc. Overall, the basic financial principles will be taught to help get the ball rolling and give women the confidence to start or continue financial plans.

Presenter: Siobhan Deary

Our workshop will start by having the attendees decide on items that they would take with them if they were in a situation where they had to leave their homes unexpectedly. These items must be packed into a piece of luggage. Similarly, they will also be asked to pack any skills/qualities/personal traits/education into their carry-on. Finally, two newcomer women will share their journey to Canada as well as the adversities that they had to overcome followed by a group discussion after the exercise.

Presenters: Claudia Rothman Gonzalez & Kristen Veenhuis

This workshop is perfect for individuals who want to understand more about how emotions impact our lives, our personal and/or professional relationships, and our leadership goals. Understanding our conscious and unconscious energy behaviours, can help us increase productivity, positivity, and reduce the negative impact of our blindspots and emotions on our behaviour. Understanding who we are and the emotions that make us tick, empowers us to be the best version of ourselves.

Presenter: Lesley Calvin

This session is targeting anyone who is looking for tangible research to become educated in the way our systems manage violence, harassment, sexual harassment – including compliance items for workplaces. Additionally, you will learn empowered language, tips if you have been bullied or harassed, and the creation of your own personal boundaries which are takeaway resources that can be applied to many circumstances.

Presenter: Renée Guay

This workshop is targeting young women and all those who are looking to enter the field of active citizenship, volunteerism, and politics. Women should attend this workshop if they are looking for a diverse range of strategies, tools, and resources to make a positive difference in their community, their country, and the world. Specifically, we will discuss the power of sharing lived experiences in influencing social change and how to do so. Attendees will learn specific strategies of how to raise their voice, advance social issues, and make a difference in their community through physical actions, knowledge- sharing, and virtual contributions.

Presenters : Hope Tuff-Berg & Kailene Jackson

This workshop is designed for women who are ready for an internal journey to discover the stories that run in their subconscious and hold them back from achieving their highest potential. It’s ideal for women developing their leadership skills, women who want to understand themselves so they can understand others better, women who are going through life transitions, or feel stuck and don’t know how to release dysfunctional patterns

Presenter: Liz Janzen


I will be presenting on the impact sport has had on me, and has helped me overcome my fear of public speaking and has given me the confidence to be a leader in my community and an active member in my society.

Presenter : Loretta Davis

My session is targeting women who are unsure of their life’s mission or path and don’t know how to determine if they should listen to that inner guidance system. Women who have fear over what their inner dialogue may be prompting in the way of change in lifestyle through their career, family or spiritual life. Changing your mind to accept change.

Presenter: Marnie Prokator

While situated in the individual experiences of an Indigenous woman, this presentation is intended for all people who have experienced trauma and/or those who work with survivors of trauma. While providing tangible strategies for transforming trauma into triumph, this presentation also strives to normalize our responses to trauma and the right to not be OK, even when you are a leader.

Presenter: Dr. Robyn Bourgeois

The seminar will include stories, visual aids, and interaction with the audience to highlight common experiences and steps to maintain mental health during toxic encounters. The session will target women and men who have entered into leadership positions and felt their leadership was challenged. This challenge to leadership was not because of skill or expertise, but rather because of her/his demographic make-up. This will be an opportunity to share experiences and discuss how individuals cope with the burden of constantly having to earn respect as a leader.

Presenter: Shannon Kerwin

The session will target young women with the hope of inspiring them to achieve the goals in their lives despite the challenges or roadblocks that life might present. Attendees will see how to approach life’s adversities with a sense of humour while at the same time keeping your goals within reach. The session will allow attendees to learn about opportunities for women in STEM and will share the impact that one woman has had in her particular field and the importance of these achievements on the environment.

Presenter: Andrea Blais

The Global Gender Gap Report published by the World Economic Forum indicates that while Canada performs well in two of the four key measures, namely Health and Education, there is work to be done in the remaining two areas of Political Empowerment where Canada ranks 21 in the world, and in Economic Participation and Opportunity ranking 27th*

This seminar explores the barriers to, and consequences of continued inequity in economic opportunity and political representation and provides practical strategies and insights for individuals, organizations and governments in how to close the gaps.

*source : The Global Gender Gap Report, WEF, 2018

Presenter : Rashmi Biswas

Targets any person looking to be an effective leader within their life or work. Especially at work where you have been a staff person then become a charge person of those coworkers. 

People should attend to hear firsthand how the path to becoming a leader is different for everyone and requires different skill-sets. To spark conversation among the attendees who may be in same situation and benefit from engagement.

Presenter: Cheryl W. Hayes