We will be offering interactive workshops, seminars and panel discussions at the Niagara Leadership Summit for Women 2020.

What does that mean?

Workshops are designed with the objective for participants to leave with tangible knowledge, tools or information that they can begin to immediately apply in their lives.

Seminars are more focused on facilitators sharing stories and knowledge with attendees leaving them inspired.

Panels are focused discussions with multiple speakers in which attendees can ask questions to the panelists.


October 20th

October 21st

October 22nd

Day 1:

10:30AM – Opening Ceremonies

11AM – Keynote Speaker Address by Trecia McLennon

12PM – Social Hour and Networking

1PM – Know Your Worth: Cultivate your Inner Courage Seminar

2PM – Hi, I’m Anxious. Please Help Me Seminar

3PM – Panel Discussion: How I Rise Throughout my Leadership Journey

4PM – Growing Through Grief Seminar

5PM – Social Hour and Networking

6PM – Meaningful Change Through Community Leadership Workshop

Day 2:

10AM – Can I really self coach myself? Expanding my own Boundaries Workshop

11AM – Making Global Impact through Local Opportunities Workshop

12PM – Social Hour and Networking

1PM – Unleash the Power of Virtual Teams Workshop

2PM – Panel Discussion: Rising Together: Diversity and Inclusion

3PM – Unlearning Failure Seminar

4PM – Volunteering: Ignite your Passion and Re-energize your Career Seminar

5PM – Social Hour and Networking

6PM – Overcoming Barriers to Political Involvement Seminar

Day 3:

10AM – Panel Discussion: Rising to the Challenge of the Online World

11AM – Learning to Lead: A Personal Journey Towards Courage, Compassion and Curiosity Seminar

12PM – Social Hour and Networking

1PM – Your Intuition is Your Superpower Workshop

2PM – Mastering the Art of Rebooting and Bouncing Back Workshop

3PM – Panel Discussion: Using your Practical Skills to Help Women Rise

4PM – Closing Ceremonies

5PM – Social Hour and Networking


We should leave the world better than how we found it… This workshop will provide you with tangible and practical tools to create positive change in the community. It will encourage attendees to see their own leadership abilities and seize opportunities available to them through volunteerism and active citizenship. By using your own skills and abilities, women participating in this workshop will learn how to engage in their community, redefine leadership, and lift each other up through mentorship.

Optimism is to overcome negativity. Collaboration is to expand understanding and build community. In tandem, these can foster gender equality, sustainability, and women empowerment. This workshop will present Brielle’s personal story on how she had started with Days for Girls at Brock University after collaborating with the NOTL chapter; which provides feminine hygiene kits, promotes menstrual health awareness and sexual violence prevention initiatives. Attendees will gain insights on how global issues should be addressed, using their own creativity and optimism, all while collaborating with others to help solve the important issues in our community.

As a result of the world’s unexpected and sudden transition to working remotely, organizations everywhere are feeling the challenges that come with trying to support a cross-functional, virtual workforce. Keeping up with today’s demands means adapting quickly. Organizations need strong leaders who can re-engage their teams as they journey through this new reality; and create a culture that leads to positive change, wherever they may be.

In this workshop, attendees will see how The Five Behaviors® Model can build and strengthen teamwork skills from anywhere – to maintain cohesion, collaboration, and success. Teamwork starts at the individual level. Now, more than ever, leaders need to be better teammates so they can adapt to the new reality, build cohesiveness, transform culture, and deliver results.

Women’s intuition. Gut instinct. Whatever you call it, we all have it. When you learn to access and elevate your intuition, you can make better choices for yourself, your family, and your career. Enjoy learning easy intuition activities that you can weave into your day. Once you learn this skill, you can’t unlearn it. You will set yourself up for a more successful, purpose-filled life.

This workshop is valuable for all ages. Whether you’re young and just starting on your path; struggling through life-changing circumstances; or running a large company, you can benefit from accessing and enhancing your intuition.

This workshop is intended for anyone who wishes to learn the basics of coaching and how to apply these techniques to themselves and create a self-sustained and continuous improvement loop to elevate personal learning to achieve their own potential for growth. 

Lisa will outline the basic elements of coaching while exploring what it means to apply this in the context of oneself. Attendees will be able to self-reflect and evaluate what they are noticing about themselves. Lisa will provide a live demonstration on how to reflect oneself’s thoughts and share concrete examples of how to develop and improve this process. Through a self-coaching process, attendees can integrate this learning with their own experiences, explore mechanisms to continuously self-evaluate, and set intentions on moving forward in their own leadership.

Setbacks are a fact of life; how we react to them can determine our success at work. This workshop is designed to help women leaders at all levels build resilience to survive and prosper in the face of adversity. Through individual self-reflection, group discussions, and interactive exercises, participants will explore coping strategies they can use to improve their ability to bounce back from setbacks and continue to build resilience. This workshop focuses on the essential mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual/social skills that enable leaders to be more effective and adaptable in the workplace. Attendees will discover how you too can gain a sense of personal mastery over your life and feel better equipped to handle whatever life throws your way.


Rejection and external criticism break us down, little by little, until we feel utterly defeated and debilitated. If we don’t truly know our worth, we can’t expect others to, either. Self-reflection is a simple method we can use to explore our worth and to understand the value we can contribute to the lives of others. Sometimes, we have the strength to pull ourselves out from under the forces of self-doubt, but most often, we don’t. During these difficult times is when we need our sisters the most. It is precisely during these moments of vulnerability that we need someone to rise with us, to lift us so that we may rise together. In other words, to help others, we need to understand ourselves first. However, looking inward takes courage. This seminar will lead you through a simple reflective exercise that will help you begin your courageous journey to self-discovery.

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, every Canadian will be affected by mental illness in some way, whether through personal experience or indirectly through a family member or close friend. Yet despite the prevalence and increased awareness of the issue, the stigma associated with mental health persists. With humour and heart, this seminar explores one woman’s struggle to overcome anxiety and depression on her zig-zagging journey towards leadership. Attendees will learn about the transformative power of embracing yourself “warts and all” and the importance of creating a safe space for others to do the same. 

This seminar is intended for those who have personally faced mental illness, have watched a loved one struggle with mental health, or, for whatever reason, have convinced themselves they are incapable of achieving success. It is designed to inspire personal growth through honesty and authenticity and serves as a reminder of all that is possible if you simply dare to step out of your own way.

Grief is both a personal and unique journey. This seminar will explore the facets of grief that accompanies loss, change, and transition. Guiding attendees through the stages and impact that loss has on their lives. There will be a focus on understanding grief as the first step to healing along with coping strategies and support. Attendees will learn that the journey of grief is at their own pace and in their own way. The theme of this seminar is “The Wounded Healer” which will empower participants to “grow through their grief” by using their own grief wounds to help heal the grief wounds of others.

What if we looked at failure as a speed-bump rather than a dead end? Niveditha was denied the opportunity to attend post-secondary in Canada – her entire life came to a standstill. A couple of years ago, her biggest setback led her to some of her greatest successes and most unforgettable experiences. We have always been told that it takes multiple tries to achieve our goals and that the ‘failures’ we encounter on our way, are mere stepping stones, or setbacks. Everyone deserves to lead a life they envision, regardless of the challenges or the setbacks that life throws their way. This seminar will empower you to work hard, be kind, and trust one’s self to reach your very own goals.

Volunteering on a non-profit board is a wonderful opportunity to enhance your skill-set, contribute to the community, ignite your passion, and re-energize your career. This seminar is for those who are wanting to further their career by continuing their education and/or volunteering. Tracy will provide insights to help you when choosing a potential volunteer position, how you should evaluate the composition of the existing board, and how to determine whether your talents and abilities will fill current gaps in the organization. All while, making sure the vision for the organization matches your own to make a well-meaning decision. 

Are you curious about how you can get involved with politics in Niagara? From running for a seat on a municipal or regional council to insights on how you can support the women in your own community. This seminar aims to focus on the obstacles female council members have had to endure during their time in politics and how these women have overcome these barriers. Attendees will be able to learn the importance of building a stronger support network and how they too can get involved or support other women who are putting their names on the ballot.

Recent world events are shining the light on the need for even more understanding and compassion. At the same time, we are increasingly required to engage in difficult conversations. To be effective, we need to be able to work with multiple generations, mindsets, and cultures. Whether you are just starting out, leading a small project, managing a department, or a senior executive, everyone has the capacity for leadership at every level. 

We often connect leadership with skills such as communications, strategic thinking, and the ability to inspire and motivate. As a young leader starting out, Arti has sought to master these skills and while they are important she has learned many critical lessons over the past 25 years, that have transformed her thinking about leadership. In this seminar, she will share unique insights and personal experiences that will help you to be a more effective leader by pursuing courage, compassion, and curiosity to successfully lead through these crazy times.


Every leadership journey is unique. Your story has the power to inspire others to discover themselves in leadership as well. You don’t have to be a CEO, Executive Director, or politician to be an impactful leader in your community. Today, we’re leading by example. Meet wonderful women here to inspire you in your leadership journey. Warning: Personal leadership journeys may contain experiences around abuse and trauma.

Our differences are what make us stronger. Niagara is an increasingly diverse community worth celebrating. Join us for a discussion about how to create an inclusive community that empowers women of all backgrounds in leadership positions and celebrates what makes us stronger together.

Understanding what is happening in your community is critical for successful leadership. In the COVID-era, we’re finding it harder than ever to stay connected, while staying safe. The solution goes beyond technology: it’s also about self-awareness, new networking techniques and remaining connected to your community. Our panel of communications and networking experts will teach us to remain connected and support one another during uncertain times.

How do we create leaders in our community? When everyone has a different skillset, we need one another to rise together. Sharing our unique knowledge and skills is the key to a strong, female-driven community. Join us for a panel to learn from experts in their fields how these local women empower our Niagara’s women to become leaders.