Take a look at last years interactive workshops, webinars and panel discussions that were hosted by the Niagara Leadership Summit for Women.

What does that mean?

Workshops are designed with the objective for participants to leave with tangible knowledge, tools or information that they can begin to immediately apply in their lives.

Webinars are more focused on facilitators sharing stories and knowledge with attendees leaving them inspired.

Panels are focused discussions with multiple speakers in which attendees can ask questions to the panelists.




Join Caren for this group coaching-style workshop where you will take a personal journey to conquer the self-limiting thoughts that hold you back from influencing others. You will identify with your leadership strengths regardless of positional power. This workshop is for everyone no matter where you are in your leadership journey.

Presented by Caren Burt

Our physical wellness impacts all aspects of our lives. Learn how to lean into fitness to overcome the hurdles life has thrown at you and become transformed from the inside out. Through proper weight training, nutritional choices & a strong support system, Mindy will teach you how you can become the best version of yourself. This fitness-themed workshop will empower not only your physical health, but also prioritize your mental, emotional, and overall wellness.

Presented by Mindi O’Brien

Ready to cultivate courage on the fly? Brie will lead you through a series of improv exercises and games known to improve leadership skills and adding fun new tools to your leadership toolbelt. You will learn skills to improve listening, communication, creativity, and self-confidence. The exercises and games are dependent on YOUR active participation!

Presented by Brie Watson

Regardless of our place in life, we are continually making decisions – big and small – that affect our path and our happiness. Many of us feel overwhelmed at times, often because we are spread too thin, which keeps us from enjoying life to the fullest. We often have competing priorities that leave us feeling drained and exhausted. Wouldn’t it be a relief to have the clarity, confidence, and courage to be able to prioritize quickly and unapologetically? Clear values help attract the people, experiences, and opportunities you are naturally aligned with and repel the ones you aren’t. Operating from a place of alignment and abundance gives us the courage to live and lead with purpose, on purpose! Based on the book, Best Day Ever: Uncovering Your Strengths & Discovering Your Passion, this workshop is packed with practical tools for aligning and living your values to make decision-making less stressful and more meaningful.

Presented by Jessica Potts

Together, Venessa and Kristen will provide you with tools and resources to be able to reflect on your top skills, accomplishments, and strengths. The goal is to spark confidence in your abilities to be able to frame your experiences in a way where you can express what you want and be ready for it. We are our own worst critics and sometimes working through skill identification is helpful in a team environment where people can encourage kindness and positivity. The main takeaway would be able to cite an elevator pitch with your top strengths, accomplishments, and why you are ready for the next step.

Presented by Venessa Magny & Kristen Nilsen


I am a mother and a working professional who leads a large team. On January 13, 2020 I returned to my job following a year-long maternity leave. On March 13, 2020 our entire organization was sent home following the announcement of a global pandemic. While trying to digest the shock of the global health crisis I had to quickly adjust (back) to being at home and caring for my kids full time (ages 1 and 4) while simultaneously supporting my team in an environment that was completely new to all of us. Alongside this was the added pressure of the imploding labour market which had a direct and significant impact on employment prospects for students and recent graduates, the primary focus/mandate of my role at Brock. My leadership journey took an unexpected turn that day. Things got really hard really fast, and as a leader, there were lots of eyes on me (including my kids). This is my story of vulnerability, imperfection, strength, and growth. I’ll tell you what I did, what I learned, and how I’ve changed. All are welcome.

Presented by Stephanie Harper

Indigenous culture; a brief history of colonization; Indigenous issues such as Residential Schools, remote reservations, and missing & murdered indigenous women; the role of women as leaders in the indigenous culture; and how one can become an ally.

Presented Marcella Blanchard

Join Aishah for this multi-faceted webinar where she will show you how a sprinkle of courage goes a long way to empower you in becoming the YOU that you have always wanted to be. Aishah will be sharing her personal experiences and how the courage to lead has shaped her to be the person she is now. Together, we will learn to: Be courageous enough to find out who you are, be courageous enough to ask for help, be courageous enough to give yourself another chance, be courageous enough to find more opportunities even when all seems lost, be courageous enough to create even when you can’t see as far as you wish to, and be courageous to rise again even when others don’t see your worth.

Presented by Aishah Sonekan

Work undertaken by women that often goes unrecognized and unheralded can be considered as much activism as what has been accomplished by those to whom we ascribe the title “Activist”. In learning about women as varied as Boudicca, Rani of Jhansi, Wangari Maathai, Pallabi Ghosh, Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, Winona LaDuke, Marsha P. Johnson and Loretta Ross, you will gain tips to enable you to begin your lives as an activist or to take what you have been doing to the next level. This webinar will benefit those entering the world of activism and/or anyone who has resisted calling themselves an activist.

Presented by Leela MadhavaRau

Leading can be scary especially in the moment of big decisions & especially for women. In this webinar, we walk through the five most common fears for women in leadership and how to overcome them if you want to become an effective leader.
1. Fear of making hard decisions
2. Fear of not being liked
3. Fear of failure
4. Fear of being seen as an imposter
5. Fear of not getting it done

This webinar will walk you through those steps and provide action items on how to help you work through your fears. It will include personal stories and real-life examples with a touch of humour to help women realize that fear is more common than we think. It’s ok to talk about fear, it makes us stronger in our relationships and our leadership.

Presented by Sarah Pritula

White water rafting and Sternberg’s theory of love are used to explore how compassionate leadership can change an environment rife with danger, risk, and rapid can transform into one that is exhilarating, joyful, and fun. We’ll begin with an exploration of the concept of Future Shock and why it is a problem in today’s society. The principles of Sternberg’s theory of love will be applied to a leadership model to demonstrate how “loving leadership” will result in healthier teams, better work/life balance for all, and will engender loyalty, passion, and commitment from those you lead. The principle of Loving Leadership was introduced in a collaborative work of creative non-fiction, Leadership AIM (published by Executive Coach Global, March 2020).

Presented by Julie Christiansen

Recent events over the past two years have shattered the façade that Canada is a perfect multicultural paradigm. Our country was founded on stolen land, through lies, murder, and abuse. As we recognize the sins of the past, we must now stand with courage to change the future. The first step to addressing bias and discrimination is to look at yourself and your responses to situations and people, recognize your privilege and power, and work to change your responses. This session will provide you with some practical tips on how to address your internal and interpersonal biases, and stand up against bias and discrimination in your workplace, community, or family.

Presented by Cassie Ogunniyi


When our health is in jeopardy, nothing else feels certain. After three Niagara women received cancer diagnoses, they each needed to find courage in themselves and their community to face this latest challenge head-on. Their unique experiences will show us there are endless ways to foster your courage and how this courage impacts all elements of their lives. Each of our panelists discovered inner resilience in the face of adversity and has grown in their strength and leadership as a result. How do you forge ahead when your future is suddenly so uncertain? Join us for the “Cancer, Courage, and Self-Advocacy” panel discussion to learn how our three panelists turned a time of vulnerability into an opportunity.

With panelists… Sonja Regier, Candy Ashbee, and Holly Bolvari

One thing we know about leadership is that it is universal – everyone can be a leader. We lead at work, in our homes, on campus, through our passions and our unique lived experiences. Our biggest challenge? Harnessing the courage to view ourselves as leaders and using our voice as an agent of change for ourselves and others. Whether you’re just starting your leadership journey with us today, or struggling to find the courage to take on a new leadership challenge, this panel discussion is for you. Our panelists will explore the different ways courage can drive our personal and professional leadership with helpful strategies and skills to help you take the next step.

With panelist… Lesley Clarke, Sandra Leigh, Janet Westbury, and Stacey Stemplowski-Wills