I would like to join you for yoga in the morning. What do I need to bring?

Please bring your own yoga mat and a change of clothes if you would be more comfortable changing your outfit after doing yoga.

How will I not get lost on campus?

We have some wonderful volunteers, as well as signage all throughout the campus to help you find the event site. Brock also has a way finding app, which is amazingly helpful. Download it from the App Store or on GooglePlay!

I don’t have my own vehicle – how can I get to the event?

You can set up a carpool and ride sharing online. While the event is not affiliated with the site, it’s a great tool to set up a carpool to get to the event!

Where should I park?

There will be complimentary parking for NLSW delegates in Zone 1.  You will travel West on University Road East and turn right towards Schmon Tower. You will pass the Sir Isaac Brock statue and turn right along the sidewalk to enter the Thistle Building. There will be signs and volunteers to guide you.

I am bringing a child who will need childminding. What do I need to bring?

To ensure that they will have the best experience possible and to give you the chance to fully enjoy the day, please:

  • Provide a lunch for your child/children
  • Provide any supplies your child/children might need such as diapers, medications etc.

We will provide some toys etc. but if your child/children have a favourite item, please feel free to bring those as well. We will ask you to fill out a waiver.

Do I have to print my e-ticket?

If you are able to print your e-ticket at home, it will be the easiest way to ensure a smooth and quick registration in the morning. However, we have your name on file as well. If you for some reason did not receive your e-ticket, or unable to print it at home, don’t worry, we will have your name at the registration desks.

I bought a ticket for a friend but they don’t have an e-ticket.

This is nothing to worry about. We will have your friend’s name on the list at the event. If, however, your friend is not on the list, please tell the volunteers at the registration desk that they were purchased by someone else. There will be a note under the purchaser’s name that more than one ticket was purchased.

I forgot which workshops I picked – what do I do?

The registration desk volunteers have a record of what workshops you picked. Please ask them when you register what you signed up for.

Will there be food?

Lunch and light snacks will be provided as well as water, coffee and tea. There will be water coolers on site and we encourage you to bring your own reusable water bottle to use throughout the day.

If you have informed us about dietary restrictions, there will be volunteers at lunch who are able to assist you to make sure you get the appropriate meal option.

Is there a dress code?

There is! It is called “come as you are”! Make sure you wear something that you feel comfortable in, whatever that means to you. There is no formal dress code.