Program & Workshops

We are putting together an amazing program for you for this year’s Niagara Leadership Summit for Women!

8 AM: Yoga (for those of you who want to start into their day with a stretch)/ Registration Opens

9 AM: Opening

9:30 AM: Keynote Speech by Kim Katrin Milan 

10: 45 AM: Break

11 AM: #OwningIt presented by Ruth Unrau


1:15 PM: Workshop Session I

2:30 PM: Workshop Session II

3:30 PM: Closing


We typically compare our weaknesses with the strengths of others, which means we never come out ahead. By leading with our strengthswe not only gain confidence, but start to compare our strengths with the strengths of others, and build a solid foundation in which we always feel like we’re doing and giving our best. In this interactive presentation, participants will be encouraged to discover their strengths and to recognize the strengths of others.  When we own our strengths, we begin to build a strengths-based community and approach projects and issues collaboratively, with a view to working within our strengths and ensuring everyone is able to participate based on their personal best.
Presented by Ruth Unrau

Human Library

The Niagara Folk Arts Multicultural Centre is going to bring an entirely new aspect to the event. During the lunch break, you are invited to browse our human library and celebrate some amazing resilient women here in our community.

Please see below for a list of workshops – once you register, we will ask you to pick your top two as we are going to have two break-out sessions. Have a look at what they’re all about and decide from there. We always do our best to accommodate everyone’s requests.

A Conversation with Women Leaders at Brock

We will be sharing our experience of how women can come together to make positive change in post-secondary education. Present lessons learned from attending a national conference on women and authentic leadership in a university setting.

We will offer tools for encouraging women to take on leadership roles. It will be a discussion around meeting challenges, solving problems and making use of opportunities.

Presented by Ingrid Makus, Diane Dupont and Angela Book.

Lose Your Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are what prevent many women leaders from making their move! I would like to educate participants on the steps one needs to take to remove choke holds that stop us from moving forward. This will be an interactive workshop, allowing women to take real action to move forward.

Presented by Crystal D’Cunha

Raising Awesome Humans

A discussion on the foundational methods that help to support and teach children to be healthy, kind, compassionate and strong. Using current science and studies we have created a workshop that teaches foundations skills and tactical tips on the following foundational principles: Emotional Intelligence, Respectful Autonomy, Encourage the “why”, Intrinsic Motivation and Pushing against Gender Stereotypes.

In the presentation, we will be defining and breaking down definitions, participating in role play assessment, and discussion. The participants will leave the presentation with their own unique action plan.

Presented by Jennie Marlatt

Self Discovery and Starting Fresh

A look at how as women we try to take care of everyone around us (children, spouse, co-workers etc.) and hitting emotional rock bottom. Taking a look and re-evaluating where I wanted to be at 30 and beyond, I made the empowering choice to not only change careers but also start my own business. Allowing me more time for my children and build community inclusiveness through my business.

It will be beneficial to participants to hear how self-evaluation can lead to rewarding choices and freedom to be who you are meant to be. Believe in yourself and lift others up.

Presented by Randi-Lee Bowslaugh-Alderson

You are NOT your limitations

You will be able to use this session to discover how Jessica took her wheelchair and turned it into a life-long passion of inspiring others to go for their greatness. From being born without the use of her legs, let Jessica share how to BELIEVE, OVERCOME and DREAM. Come and meet her along with the “elephant in the room!”

Presented by Jessica Lewis

The World Needs Ambitious Women. Why Not You?

  1. Brief intro and my story.
  1. Why we get stuck and how to know if you are.
  1. The two factors that keep us back from reaching our full potential.
  1. Learning to let go of old habits, limiting belief systems and self-sabotaging patterns & behaviours.
  1. Understanding, embracing and navigating the differences between masculine and feminine energy.
  1. Finding your true potential, confidence, authenticity and feminine power, when you are ready to ‘Make Your Move’ in your career and in your life!

Presented by Hilary Caters

The Power of Story

Our voices are powerful and when we use our voice to share our stories it can shift the world. We are each a collection of stories. Every one of us has a powerful story to tell. Learn how at a time when Alison Braithwaite was financially thriving but mentally and emotionally drowning she found nourishment in the stories of women. Stories that challenged her to really observe herself and shift her own beliefs to rewrite her story. Explore your own story and find one that may move you powerfully forward.

Presented by Alison Braithwaite

Raise your voice! Effective communication for young leaders.

A discussion on developing effective communication strategies early in life,  by beginning with (your important line first) and organizing thoughts and ideas to strengthen our messages before speaking. We’ll focus on breaking common habits such as over explaining and revising all of our ideas to accommodate others. We will look at parables, non-words and qualifiers that some girls often use to justify their ideas when speaking, and focus on replacing them with strong and impactful words that increase confidence.

Voicing our ideas for the first time can be scary, but after learning these effective communication strategies to lead positive change, we will feel confident in using our voices to make our move… together.

Presented by Hope Tuff-Berg